History of the Palmyra Community Center

The Palmyra Community Center, as most of us know it today, has come a long way since it's beginning as a youth center that was started in 1943, with stops at two different locations along the way before calling its current location on Stafford Street, in the Village of Palmyra its home.

In May of 1943 the young people's society of the Western Presbyterian Church started the first youth center in the basement of the church and provided dancing, ping pong tables, board games and refreshments one night a week. A charge of ten cents was paid by individuals to use the center. The basement could hold no more than a 100 people. With some nights having to turn people away, it wasn't long before Palmyra cam to realize that a bigger facility was needed.

In 1944 an available spot opened up in the old Opera House located on the top floor of the current Village Hall. The Village Board approved the relocation and work began on renovating the Opera House which had stood idle for nearly twenty years. With the work having been completed an opening ceremony was held in the Village Park in June of 1945 and the doors to the new center were opened. The new center was expected to provide opportunities for both the youth and adults by offering dancing, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, handball, table games, boxing, billiards and dramatics. A Junior Membership was $1.00 per year and An Adult Membership cost $5.00 per year. For a period of 2 or 3 years while located at this location the center became inactive, reopening again in September of 1964. In 1977 it was again realized that there was a need for a new and larger facility. A fund drive was started raising money within the community to get the project off the ground. With another fund drive undertaken in 1979 the new center was occupied in part in 1979 and wholly in 1980.

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