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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for residents of the Town and Village of Palmyra by providing a variety of wholesome recreation and leisure programs, facilities, and services for youth, adults, and senior citizens. est. 1945.

History of the Palmyra Community Center

Our Current Facility

When first opened the new center had a game room, three meeting rooms and a gym. The gym remained a concrete floor for a few years while additional funds were raised for the hardwood floor. With the installation of the new gym floor our new facility was completed.

With a growing need to serve more people of Palmyra and surrounding communities it again became realized that it was time to expand on the current facility and in 2002 an Expansion Committee was formed. The proposed expansion would double the size of the current facility. Through the efforts of our board members, the Town and Village of Palmyra and the support of local businesses, contractors and the community as whole the current facility as you see it now was completed in 2007. The community and recreation center now consists of two gymnasiums, a game room, a Fitness Center, three meeting rooms and a Resource Center with computers for public use. In addition our outdoor grounds have available to the pubic, Campbell Park, Vienna Memorial Playground a pavilion and a baseball field for youths.

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Rental Availability at the PCC

The Community Center offers the center for rental for such things as birthday parties, reunions, large group meetings to accommodate individuals, groups and civic organizations. If there is an upcoming event or activity that you think you may want to use the center for please contact us and we will do what we can to help you out.

Board of Directors

Amy Storey
Maureen Denniston
Vice President
John Morrisey
Laurie Lawrence
Terry Bieck
Dick Campbell
Shelly Evankovich
John Gammariello
Carole Hack
Gary LaBerge
Brian Nolan
Jim Redmond
Jeanna Savage
Sarah Tome
Eric Van Zeilen


Bill Campbell
Jim McGinnis
Assistant Director
Carol Rush
Administrative Assistant
Crofton Celentano
Personal Trainer
Palmyra Community Center Building

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