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Silver Sneakers Yoga  Silver Sneakers Yoga

Adult Programs

Adult programs that are held at the PCC include our Men’s Basketball league, Adult Volleyball, Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Fit, Taekwondo, Pickle Ball, Boot Camp classes as well as our Silver Sneakers classes. While some are seasonal many run throughout the year. There is also the availability to use to our two gyms and game room at certain times of the day during the year. Should you have any questions regarding any of the above or would like to see a new program or activity offered please contact us.

We also are a Silver Sneaker and Silver-N-Fit facility. Should you have any questions regarding these programs and the benefits of either please contact us.



Silver Sneakers Cardio Fit  Silver Sneakers Cardio Fit

Stability Ball Flyer  Stability Ball Flyer

Stability Ball Registration Form  Stability Ball Registration Form

Kristi’s Getfit  Kristi’s Getfit

Free Community Exercise Class  Free Community Exercise Class

Taekwondo Classes  Taekwondo Classes

2017 Fall PCC Class Schedule  2017 Fall PCC Class Schedule